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How to merge tables?

To merge two tables in pandas, you can use the pd.merge() function. The basic syntax is:
pd.merge(left, right, on, how)
where left and right are the two tables to merge, on is the column to merge on, and how is the type of merge to perform.
For example, to merge the two tables df1 and df2 on the column 'key', you can use:
pd.merge(df1, df2, on='key', how='left')
This will return a new DataFrame with all the columns from both tables, and only the rows that match the 'key' column.

This is a chatbot that uses the NJWC AIGC Technology to answer questions.

NJWC cooperates with Ninia's World to create Web3's largest platform of its public chain ecology.

NJWC will create a scalable, secure, trustworthy and upgradeable public chain modular platform, using BFT consensus mechanism and parallel computing mechanism, while providing high throughput, reducing delay time, reducing costs, and providing services for billions of users Powered by AlGC content production applications.